Slayer chest is located at ::slayer

To open Slayerchest.png Slayer chest you will be needing Slayerkey.png Slayer key.

Slayer keys can be obtained from variety of monsters as a random drop while on task to kill them.



You will always get Millionticket.png x random amount (up to 5000) and one of the following item :

  • Billion.png Billion ticket x1 or x5
  • Overload.png 4x Overload (4)
  • Petmysterybox.png Pet mystery Box. x1, x3 or x5
  • Soe.png Scroll of Efficiency (used to upgrade items) x5, x10, x25 or x50
  • AOETicket.png AOE Tickets x5, x25 or x100
  • Ringofinsurance.png Ring of Insurances (Upgraded Ring of Wealth)
  • Ringofdrops.png Ring of Drops (Upgraded Ring of Wealth)
  • Lrow.png Lucky Ring of Wealth (2nd BIS ring for droprate obtainable in-game)
  • Crow.png Corrupt Ring of Wealth (BIS ring for droprate obtainable in-game)
  • Lootbox.png Loot Box (Possibility to gain items up to tier 30)
  • Infernalminigun.png Infernal Minigun
  • Shadowoblivionpieces.png Shadow Oblivion set piece (Tier 9)
  • Staffofblood2.png Staff of Blood/Bloodoblivionpieces.png Blood Oblivion set piece (Tier 12)
  • Ancientceremonialpieces.png Ancient ceremonial set piece/Dominionstaff2.png Dominion Staff (Tier 15)
  • Hekatepieces.png Hekate set piece/Hekateblade2.png Hekate Blade (Tier 16)
  • Magmablade2.png Magma Blade/Magmaprotector.png Magma Protector (Tier 18)
  • Vaderpieces.png Darth Vader set piece/Vaderglaive2.png Vader Glaive (Tier 20)
  • Infernalvegetapieces.png Infernal Vegeta set piece/Infernalvegetabow2.png Infernal Vegeta bow (Tier 21)
  • Drakkonpieces.png Drakkon set piece (Tier 22)
  • OPDragonragepieces.png OP Dragonrage set piece (Tier 25)
  • Drygorepredstats.png Drygore Predator set piece/Drygorecrossbow2.png Drygore Predator Crossbow (Tier 28)
  • Seerscape.pngSeers Cape/Berserkercape.png/Archercape.pngArcher Cape (Tier 29)
  • Purplewyrmpieces.png Purple Wyrm set piece/Wyrmglaive2.png Purple Wyrm Glaive (Tier 31)
  • Galaxyminigun2.png Galaxy Minigun (Tier 34)
  • Dragonminigun2.png Dragon Minigun (Tier 39)
  • Rainbowsetpieces.png Rainbow set piece (Tier unknown)
  • Collamulet.png Collector Amulet (Picks up items for you)
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