Here you'll see ALL pets obtainable in-game with their droprate bonuses and how to get them.

NOTE: Pets without pictures can't be summoned/are broken. Pictures will be added along way with pet fixes.

Most of the pets can be received from Petmysterybox.png Pet Mystery Box

PETS[edit | edit source]

Following pets do not give any Droprate/double drop chance :
Image Name
Centaur.png Pet Centaur
Cerberus.png Cerberus
Abyssalsire.png Abyssal Sire
Nutella.png Nutella
Chilli.png Chilli
Mayonaise.png Mayonaise
Dragonpets.png Adamant/Runite Dragon
Rockcrab.png Rock Crab
Gargoylepets.png Har'Laak/Bar'Laak/To'Kash
Lefosh.png Recouloured Venenatis(Le'Fosh)/Iktomi The trickster
Luigi.png Luigi
Farmpets.png Rooster/Pig/Dog
Hobob.png Hobo
Cyrisus.png Cyrisus
Dragonslayerpet.png Deadly Dragonslayer pet
Donkeykongpet.png Donkey Kong
Thermy,png.png Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

Following pets are Broken/Can't be summoned :

  • Iktomi the Trickster
  • Le'Fosh
  • Jad
  • Corporeal Beast
Following pets give 5/5 Droprate/Double drop chance :
Image Name
Monkey.png Monkey
Hellbat.png Hellbat
Dragons.png Black Dragon/Blue Dragon/Baby Blue Dragon/Green Dragon/Frost Dragon/King Black Dragon
Strykewyrms.png Ice Strykewyrm/Desert Strykewyrm/Jungle Strykewyrm
GWDpets.png General Graador/Kree'Arra/Kril/Zilyana
Bandosavatar.png Bandos Avatar
Phoenix.png Phoenix
Dagannothpets.png Dagannoth Prime/Rex/Supreme
Tormenteddemon.png Tormented Demon
Kalphitequeen.png Kalphite Queen
Slashbash.png Slash Bash
Chaosele.png Chaos Elemental
Following pets give 10/0 Droprate/Double drop chance :
Image Name
Godzilla.png Godzilla
Abbadonpet.png Abbadon
Krabs.png Mr.Krabs
Sonic.png Sonic
Pikachu.png Pikachu
Lightcreature.png Light Creature
Nex.png Nex
Following pets give 15/15 Droprate/Double drop chance :
Image Name
Yoda.png Yoda
Homer.png Homer
Morty.png Morty
Following pets give 25/25 Droprate/Double drop chance :
  • Those pets are acquired from T17 and T26.
Image Name
Gokupet.png Goku
Vegetapet.png Vegeta
Following pets give 30/30 Droprate/Double drop chance :
  • Infartico is obtained from T29.
  • Black Panther pet is unavailable at the moment.
Image Name
Infarticopet.png Infartico Pet
Blackpantherpet.png Black Panther
Following pets give 40/50 Droprate/Double drop chance :
  • Dire Wolf is obtainable from slayer shop (10000 points) or from Slayer Chest
Image Name
Direwolf.png Dire Wolf
Following pets give 45/45 Droprate/Double drop chance :
  • Skotizo is obtainable from T34.
Image Name
Skotizopet.png Skotizo
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