All chests are located at home area to which you can get by typing in ::chest. Slayer chests are not included in this area.

To open Crystalchest.png Crystal chest you will be needing Crystalkey.png Crystal key.

Crystal keys can be obtained from Skotizo (Tier 34) or GLOBAL BOSSES. Globals spawn each hour at ::edgeville.



You will always get Millionticket.png x random amount (up to 50000) and one of the following item :

  • Billion.png Billion ticket x1 or x5
  • Overload.png 4x Overload (4)
  • Petmysterybox.png Pet mystery Box. x1, x3 or x5
  • Soe.png Scroll of Efficiency (used to upgrade items) x5, x10, x25 or x50
  • AOETicket.png AOE Tickets x5, x25 or x100
  • Ringofinsurance.png Ring of Insurances (Upgraded Ring of Wealth)
  • Ringofdrops.png Ring of Drops (Upgraded Ring of Wealth)
  • Lrow.png Lucky Ring of Wealth (2nd BIS ring for droprate obtainable in-game)
  • Crow.png Corrupt Ring of Wealth (BIS ring for droprate obtainable in-game)
  • Lootbox.png Loot Box (Possibility to gain items up to tier 30)
  • Infernalminigun.png Infernal Minigun
  • Shadowoblivionpieces.png Shadow Oblivion set piece (Tier 9)
  • Staffofblood2.png Staff of Blood/Bloodoblivionpieces.png Blood Oblivion set piece (Tier 12)
  • Ancientceremonialpieces.png Ancient ceremonial set piece/Dominionstaff2.png Dominion Staff (Tier 15)
  • Hekatepieces.png Hekate set piece/Hekateblade2.png Hekate Blade (Tier 16)
  • Magmablade2.png Magma Blade/Magmaprotector.png Magma Protector (Tier 18)
  • Vaderpieces.png Darth Vader set piece/Vaderglaive2.png Vader Glaive (Tier 20)
  • Infernalvegetapieces.png Infernal Vegeta set piece/Infernalvegetabow2.png Infernal Vegeta bow (Tier 21)
  • Drakkonpieces.png Drakkon set piece (Tier 22)
  • OPDragonragepieces.png OP Dragonrage set piece (Tier 25)
  • Drygorepredstats.png Drygore Predator set piece/Drygorecrossbow2.png Drygore Predator Crossbow (Tier 28)
  • Seerscape.pngSeers Cape/Berserkercape.png/Archercape.pngArcher Cape (Tier 29)
  • Purplewyrmpieces.png Purple Wyrm set piece/Wyrmglaive2.png Purple Wyrm Glaive (Tier 31)
  • Galaxyminigun2.png Galaxy Minigun (Tier 34)
  • Dragonminigun2.png Dragon Minigun (Tier 39)
  • Rainbowsetpieces.png Rainbow set piece (Tier unknown)
  • Collamulet.png Collector Amulet (Picks up items for you)
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