Below you can see a list of all available commands in-game.
Commonly used commands
  •  ::master - Command to start you off (gives 150 in all combat stats)
  •  ::afk - Lets everyone know you went AFK and teleports you to old AFK Tree area and gives you a hatchet. (Teleport will be changed to home AFK Tree)
  •  ::pos - pops up a Player owned shop dialogue with options to view shops/manage your own shop/claim money from your shop.
  •  ::dropsim - Lets you simulate drops for a specific tier NPC (It might not be accurate to 100%, just an idea)
  •  ::dismiss - easy way to dismiss your pet if teleporting to a tier says so.
  •  ::togglespam - Used to filter your game chat from necessary spam (Doesn't do anything at this moment, when it's fixed it'll be updated/message removed)
  •  ::yell - Pretty much self-explanatory. Worldwide message that people will see even if they're not in CC (Clan chat)
  •  ::tt - Opens up TELEPORT interface
  •  ::invite/::acceptinvite - Used to invite someone to your instance/accept invitation if you were invited.
  •  ::rewardlist/::rewardss - Boxes/Chests reward interface (Requiring a fix to properly fit the server)
  •  ::reward - Used to claim your votes. (Reward(number), Reward(number/amount), Reward(number/all))
  •  ::vote - Brings you to the voting page (If it doesn't work which it should, use discord to navigate)
  •  ::npckills - Shows your TOTAL NPC killcount
  •  ::guides/::wiki - Brings you to Wiki main page (Wouldn't recommend trying right now/not working)
  •  ::claim - Claims your donation
  •  ::players shows everyone online
  •  ::help - Lets any of the staff members know if you need help/assist with anything
  •  ::removetitle - Removes your current title (If you have any)
  •  ::well - Tells you if well is active or not
  •  ::tree - Tells you if EVIL TREE is active/roughly tells you where it is located.
  •  ::profile - Opens up your in-game profile.
  •  ::skull - Gives you a skull above your head.
  •  ::droplog - That's where your drops are recorded (doesn't work at this moment)
  •  ::answer - Used to answer trivia (::answer (answer here))
  •  ::npctimer - tells you how much time is left on your soul
  •  ::maxhit - shows your max hit for all 3 combat styles
  •  ::empty - empties your inventory (IT DOESN'T GIVE A WARNING MESSAGE, BE AWARE) any items lost like this won't be refunded.
  •  ::title - Set a custom title (Extreme donator+)
DR/Droprate commands

All of them show your Droprate/Double drop chance

  •  ::mydr
  •  ::drinfo
  •  ::dr
Teleportation commands
  •  ::edgeville/::edge - Teleports you to GLOBALS
  •  ::chest - Teleports you to chests AOE Chest,Jacks Chest,Crystal Chest,Boss Chest
  •  ::falador/camelot/lumbridge/draynor/portsarim/rimmington/alkharid/ardougne/yanille/varrock - Lets you teleport across the cities
  •  ::gamble - teleports you to gamble area.
  •  ::slayer - Teleports you to slayer area where master/chest is located. You can read about slayer more here Slayer and see chest rewards here Slayer Chest
  •  ::shops - Takes you to area where shops are located
  •  ::home - teleports you home
  •  ::duel - teleports you to duel arena
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