All chests are located at home area to which you can get by typing in ::chest. Slayer chests are not included in this area.

To open Burntchest.png Burnt chest you will be needing Bosskey.png Boss key.

Boss keys can be obtained as a drop from Starter NPCs, up to TIER 5


  • LOOT
You always get one of those 
  • Billion.png Billion Ticket x Random amount (Up to 100)
  • Laserswords2.png Laser swords (Tier 2)
  • Beginnerpieces.png Beginner Dragon set pieces (Tier 2)
  • Predscythe2.png Dark Predator Scythe (Tier 5)
  • Darkpredatorpieces.png Dark Predator set pieces (Tier 5)
  • Row.png Ring of Wealth
Ultra Rare 
  • Deadlydragonslayerpieces.png Deadly Dragonslayer set pieces (Tier 8)
  • Deadlyblade2.png Deadly Dragonslayer Blade (Tier 8)
  • Naturesword2.png Nature Sword (Tier 11)
  • Naturetorvapieces.png Nature Torva set Pieces (Tier 11)
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